Standard fabrications

Plasflow provide a comprehensive range of standard products with butt fusion capabilities from 90mm up to 1200mmØ. 

All our standard fabrications are produced from Auto CAD drawings, ensuring exact measurements/tolerances are maintained.  Our wide range of standard fabrications offered are:

  • Bends – Mitred & Moulded
  • Tees – Mitred, Moulded, Machined & Pulled
  • Y Branches – Mitred, Extrusion & Pulled
  • Crucifix– Mitred & Extrusion
  • Stubs – Assemblies Pupped, Reduced Assemblies
  • Reducers – Concentric Pupped, Eccentric Pupped

Fittings are offered in either mitred or moulded variants, with standard or pupped leg lengths and can be manufactured from stock materials or at the free issue of our customers.

If you are unable to find the standard fabrication you need or you require a non-standard angle or a different number of segments please contact us, call 01709 786 970 or e-mail or click here as we are more than happy to provide a bespoke solution.