Our sister company Fullflow are syphonic drainage specialists who have been instrumental in the advancement of syphonic drainage technology and possesses a wealth of knowledge and understanding in this field. Our time-honoured syphonic system provides you with a range of real benefits when compared to a gravity system equivalent.

  • Saves money - up to 80% less downpipes & fewer outlets required, reduced materials and far less underground drainage.
  • Design flexibility - collection mains can be routed horizontally throughout the building, with no need for pipes to be fitted on a gradient.
  • Project flexibility - complete control over downpipe discharge location.
  • Greater efficiency and performance - rainwater pipes are designed to run 100% full of water at high velocity from roof level to ground level.
  • Acceleration of construction programme due to reduced installation period.
  • Fullflow boasts an unparalleled level of experience in the field of syphonic drainage and have successfully installed over 30,000 systems across the world.

There are many reasons for using Fullflow for further information please visit www.fullflow.com.

Plasflow is part of the Fullflow Group Limited.